[DS9] The Quickening

[DS9] Season 4, Episode 24: The Quickening2

Rating: 3 

The Quickening pulled off something a bit rare for Trek – I wasn’t sure that the good guys would “win” as the episode progressed. It seemed possible, within the world of Deep Space Nine, that the situation would continue to grow worse, and that Bashir wouldn’t be able to stop the progress of the horrible disease afflicting the planet. A consequence of this is that the episode is a bit of a drag to watch, but overall I think it’s done well enough to earn a 3.

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Julian and Dax go to a planet subjected to a horrible plague by the Dominion for resisting the authority their authority.


The leader of the “hospital” helps people die in a more humane way.


A pregnant lady wants help from Julian, everyone else wants him to leave.


But then he fixes a broken arm!


So people who go into “the quickening” phase, which is when they are near death, agree to help Julian collect data and find a cure.


But Julian’s equipment somehow makes things worse.


They call on the other guy to give them some poison.


The pregnant lady goes into the quickening phase.


Because of Julian’s medicines the baby doesn’t have the plague, but the mother dies.


Julian gives the vaccine to them so all babies won’t be born with the plague.


Sisko makes a brief appearance at the end to tell Julian he did a good job.


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