[DS9] Body Parts

[DS9] Season 4, Episode 25: Body Parts7

Rating: 3

One of the better Ferengi episodes, maybe because it doesn’t lean too heavily on old Ferengi characters giving outrageous performances. Otherwise it’s what you’d hope a Quark centered episode would be, which is mostly fun, but does have some good insight into Quark’s relationship with greater Ferengi culture. Armin Shimerman and Jeffrey Combs are fantastic of course.

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Quark says he got an incurable disease! He’s gonna die in 6 days or so!


Quark auctions off his remains and an anonymous buyer pays a lot for all of them.


For the subplot, Nana Visitor is pregnant with Keiko’s baby…


This is what Quark looks like when he finds out that he’s not going to die.


Brunt turns out to be the anonymous buyer, and he still wants to collect.


He’s forcing Quark to either kill himself to uphold the contract, and act as a true Ferengi, or break the contract and have all his assets confiscated, becoming an outcast.


There’s a pretty great scene where Quark asks Garak to kill him.


But then Quark has a dream.


So he stands up to Brunt and breaks the contract.


He closes down the bar.


But then friends help by donating their junk. Quark charges them a storage fee.


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  • Yonagonaf

    The sentence under the second photograph needs to be changed to:

    Quark says he’s got an incurable disease! He’s gonna die in 6 days or so!

    Microsoft Word thinks that “gonna” should be changed to “going to”.