Alternate Voyager – Away Teams & More

This week on Alternate Voyager we finish coverage on our version of the crew, including the away teams, sick bay and security personal. Find out what our version of Tom Paris, Neelix and others are after the jump.

Away teams will almost always be commanded by Tuvok with Ayala as second in command. The rest of the bridge crew almost never participates in away missions unless special circumstances dictate the necessity, with the exception of Lt. Stadi, whose Betazoid abilities frequently prove useful on a mission. The following are crew members that are often on the away teams.

Tom Paris
In the original Voyager Tom Paris was sold to the viewers as a charming rogue character that could never fit in with Starfleet because of his irresponsibility and arrogance. Basically none of those things were ever actually true in the original though. In Alternate Voyager Janeway picks him up for his insight into the Maquis, but she doesn’t trust him or like him. In fact, no one does, on both the Maquis and Federation side of the fence. It isn’t until Voyager is thrust into the most dangerous situations any of them have ever encountered that Paris’ inner bravery and honor reveal themselves, both to the crew and to Paris himself. Still, he isn’t given a field commission and he certainly isn’t allowed to work on the bridge. He’s a great pilot though, and almost always flies shuttlepods on away missions. If the away team is beaming somewhere Paris usually isn’t involved, but in our version of Voyager they must use transporters less because of power constraints.

Mariah Henley
A Maquis tactical officer who also has some limited medical skill. She’s in a relatively new relationship with Ayala. Henley served in Starfleet for two years before defecting to the Maquis, which she was conflicted about, so she doesn’t have as much trouble joining up with Voyager. This causes a little stress in her relationship with Ayala, since he doesn’t like the Federation at first.

Lt. Jr. Grade Peter Durst  Starfleet operations officer. He’s a good friends with Nicoletti and Brooks. The three of them spend a lot of free time together- in fact other crew members sometimes wonder if Nicoletti and/or Brooks are attracted to Durst. He also has a special interest in survival skills which makes him an asset on away missions. This is coupled with an agressive drive to explore and push himself in dangerous situations.

Ensign Samantha Wildman
Wildman’s specialty in Xenobiology comes in handy on a lot of away missions, since Voyager is continually encountering alien worlds and looking for resources to help in their mission. Like in the original Voyager Wildman discovers she is pregnant after the crew has been stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Wildman wants to return home more than a lot of the other crew members. She also will occasionally help out in sick bay, and becomes friends with Kes, Ashmore, The Doctor and Neelix as the series progresses.

The Doctor
Our version of the Doctor will start off seeming more like a program with an interestingly caustic bedside manner that reflects the idiosyncrasies of it’s designer. He’ll be less of a focus in the first season of Alternate Voyager, being more of a vital medical tool assisted by the rest of the sick bay team. In the first season he has no interest or drive to “expand his programming” or establish himself as sentient.

Kes’s personality will be very similar to her original counterpart, although she’ll be seen as a little more naive at first. She’ll have a little more difficulty learning some of the very alien and complex technological systems on board Voyager, but Kes will still have an Eidetic memory, (a feature all Occampians have in our version) so she’ll adapt easier than Neelix. She’s one of the most compassionate members of the crew, and that compassion will be an important part of holding the crew together as the series progresses. Her relationship with Neelix will be very different in Alternate Voyager. She won’t have a romantic relationship with Neelix at all. She’s someone that Neelix rescued from slavery to the Kazon. Neelix is extremely protective of Kes, and loves her very much, but it’s in a fatherly way. Kes grows to depend less on Neelix as our series continues, but she always trusts him more than any one else.
Lt. Jr. Grade David Ashmore
Ashmore is another extra-level character we’re moving into the science division. He doesn’t really have much medical experience, but has conducted research in comparative anatomy and physiology during his studies as a biologist, so he’s assigned shifts in the sickbay to help The Doctor. He and Kes become good friends, but The Doctor doesn’t like him much at first.

Alternate Neelix is drastically different from his original series counterpart, more so than any of the other characters. Our Neelix is still a scavenger with a small ship, but he has a pretty wide skill set. He’s done a lot to survive in his life, including piracy, and spent a lot of time as a mercenary. In our version Talax, his home world, was destroyed by a group in the “chaos” generation of Kazon. In some ways our Neelix is the complete opposite of the original- he’s tall, intimidating, and doesn’t say a whole lot. He does serve a very important role on Voyager, and that’s as their guide to the Delta Quadrant. Theoretically this was a part of the original Neelix character, but it never seemed to actually help the crew. In our version they desperately need Neelix’s insight into the different species and regions they encounter.

Lon Sudor
Our version of Sudor serves as a security officer for the Maquis. Other than that he’s pretty much identical to his original Voyager counterpart. He’s creepy, and most people, both Maquis and Federation, avoid him. This doesn’t bother Sudor much. Stadi takes a curiosity in him when she realizes he’s a Betazoid that she can’t read, but she mostly observes from a distances rather than direct confrontation.

Ensign Audrey Brooks
We’ve moved Brooks to security. She’s Tuvok’s go-to for security missions, especially when the assignment is on board Voyager. She strongly opposed the integration of the Maquis into Voyager’s ranks, and discusses it with her friends, Nicoletti and Durst. As Voyager faces the challenges of the Delta Quadrant in our first season she completely reverses her stance.

Lt. Garev 
This will be a new Federation character, he’s a Tellerite serving as transporter chief. He’s the one person that consistently gets B’Elana angry. Like a typical Tellerite, he will always be rude and argumentative, and insult people before teleporting them down somewhere. Most people don’t take him seriously, but B’Elana will, almost as if she doesn’t know that’s how Tellerites act. She takes his insults seriously and always insults him back, gets mad at him, and wants to fight. For this reason B’Elana will (unknown to her) completely earn Garev’s respect. She hates him while he considers B’Elana his closest friend.




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