[ENT] Oasis

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 20 (Netflix: S1 E19): Oasis

Rating: 2
Not a bad episode, but very generic to the Trek universe. It’s a dull mystery mixed with scenes of Trip trying to explain ice cream and marshmallows to the lady from 24.
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They search a spooky ship for supplies

They find a girl hanging out with her plants

Then they find Odo!

T’Pol should wear this jacket regularly. It’s a pretty cool jacket

Trip makes a friend

File under: Trip makes a friend

Their story isn’t adding up. In fact in makes no sense. Finding out what’s going on is the main driving force for the story, but we all know it’s just going to be some magic or technology.

This isn’t the most frightening thing that could pop out from the dark.  It looks like he’s wearing a child’s sweater.

How many times would you shoot at something when it clearly has no effect. They shoot at these holograms at least 5 times

Mystery solved: it was all Odo’s fault


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