[ENT] Acquisition

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 19 (Netflix: S1 E18): Acquisition

Rating: 2
Mildly entertaining, but worth skipping in my view. It does showcase familiar actors and the Ferengi. If you’re really excited about those things then you’ll probably want to see this one.
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It’s kind of lame that they put the Ferengi in Enterprise, but whatever. Two seemingly contradictory things appear to be true of every Trek series since TOS: 1. the writers ache to do different things, and 2. They will also come up with any explanation they can grasp to fit in familiar things such as Ferengi

Neelix as a Ferengi!

File under: Ethan Phillips

And Jeffrey Combs!

Clint Howard too!

They’ve taken over the ship!

File under: Commandeered!

Trip is awake!

Hooray! Trip found clothes

Not Porthos!

They brought back the energy whip

Archer pretends his back is hurt. Good one Archer

After a long and complicated plan is carried out to turn them against each other and lead them in circles, in the end T’Pol just knocks one of them out and shoots the other three.


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