[ENT] Fusion

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 17 (Netflix: S1 E16): Fusion

Rating: 2
“Fusion” is important to watch because it’s the foundation of a larger Vulcan arc in Enterprise. The episode also supplies some familiar explorations of Vulcanism, even though Vulcans in this time period are significantly different from what we’re used to. There are some nice moments, but overall the episode is too bland to earn a 3.
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Enterprise comes in contact with Vulcans who use an older ship

They’re different Vulcans! Still smarmy though

A lot of this episode is this vulcan guy talking with T’Pol about Vulcanisms. Some of it is interesting

And Trip has to explain humans to his new friend

File under: Trip makes a friend

In Enterprise I think they tried to bring back the green make-up with some of the Vulcans. It doesn’t really look that great

T’Pol didn’t know what a mind meld was. This is another obvious hint that the Vulcans are intentionally different in Enterprise

File under: Mind Meld

The writers have made clear that the Vulcans of this time period aren’t the true Vulcans we’re used to. They also made these rebel Vulcans not the true Vulcans we know. It’s cool if you know what happens by the end, but to someone who is watching it for the first time, who is waiting for some cool Vulcans (and who doesn’t trust the producers) it must be unsatisfying.


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