[ENT] Rogue Planet

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 18 (Netflix: S1 E17): Rogue Planet

Rating: 1
A non-compelling mystery, no great character moments, and boring concepts make this episode completely unnecessary. It isn’t terribly boring, or annoying, it just doesn’t have much going in its favor.
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There is a rogue planet outside of a solar system. That’s kind of cool

Archer says he could land shuttlepods with his eyes closed. That might be the first reference to his pilot past

This episode features a weird rivalry between Archer and Reed which wasn’t happening in prior episodes and I’m pretty sure doesn’t come up again

One-eye night vision. I bet they thought that was pretty cool

In the last scene T’Pol picked up something on her scan thing, they all turned their flashlights off, and turned their night vision on. Now they just turn their flashlights back on. It’s almost as if it’s not really night vision and it’s just something they thought would look cool on their eyes

I guess dorky glowing eyewear is a requirement on this planet

An episode about hunters. Something seems a little off about them. I wish Troi was here to tell us if they’re hiding something

These aliens use “dozens” as a term of measurement just like humans! What are the odds

Archer keeps seeing a lady in the forest

If they are going to pick an actor to play a character that we aren’t supposed to know is bad, then they probably shouldn’t pick an actor with the most gravelly and sly voice I’ve ever heard

They have to say goodbye. Thats touching…

…But her turning into a sad slug and crawling away makes it not so touching


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  • http://geektwins.blogspot.com/ Maurice Mitchell

    That sounds like an awful episode. It’s little things like useless night vision goggles and ugly sympathetic aliens that make or break Star Trek. Very funny breakdown.

  • yogonaf

    Replicators have not been invented yet.

    This means the mashed potatoes are definitely instant mashed potatoes.

    In relation to slugs, in an apartment that I used to live in, after I finished vacuuming the wooden floor slugs would come out about five minutes later.

    What a beautiful segue into the movie “Dune” and then “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Patrick Stewart.

    No “Sir” required because Sir Patrick Stewart was not knighted until 2010.