[VOY] Learning Curve

VOY Season 1, Episode 16 (Netflix S1 E15): Learning Curve

Rating: 2
I like watching Tuvok in action, and it’s nice that there is an actual attempt to deal with the Maquis/Starfleet tensions. It’s too little, too late, to add a cliche onto the pile that this episode provides. Unfortunately it’s kind of a fitting end to the first season of Voyager.
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More of Janeway’s holo-novel. I guess it’s meant to show how sophisticated her tastes are?

To me, it just makes her look like a masochist

Hey remember the hatred the Maquis have for Starfleet? Well it’s back for an episode!

And a Bolian!

It’s fun watching Tuvok, but they really quickly fall into boot camp cliches.

We know Chakotay is cool because he sits in chairs backwards. Riker did it first Chakotay, and he did it better.

Running is hard. People shouldn’t have to do it

Cleaning an area with a tiny cleaning device. They couldn’t miss that cliche. I suppose someone is going to tell him he missed a spot

Shut up Harry!

Neelix teaching Tuvok a lesson…it’s painful. I would’ve preferred this episode ended with Tuvok figuring out how to reach the troubled Maquis on his own cause he’s so smart. Then maybe Tuvok could’ve taken control of Voyager so Janeway could enjoy her holo-novel, then Tuvok would find a way home, destroy the Borg along the way, win the Dominion war, and rewrite Star Trek Nemesis. Yeah, that would be a sweet episode.

So there’s also cheese destroying the ship. Real cute, Voyager…

There are too many sweaty people in this episode

Further Analysis:
They make a good point over at The Delta Quadrant podcast about this episode. They say that an episode like Eye of the Needle would’ve made for a much better season finale. I agree. This isn’t meant as a criticism, since that probably wasn’t an option for the producers, this is just to say that it would’ve been cool. I would add that Leaning Curve would’ve have also worked well in Eye of The Needle’s place. I would’ve preferred it if Voyager hadn’t come across a possible way home so early on like in Eye of The Needle, and the theme of Learning Curve would’ve fit nicely towards the beginning of the season, still dealing with the Maquis/Starfleet tensions.

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