[VOY] Eye of the Needle

VOY Season 1, Episode 7 (Netflix S1 E6): Eye of the Needle

Rating: 4
The episode begins with the crew possibly discovering a way home through a wormhole. I didn’t have very high expectations upon hearing that. It seemed awfully early to start teasing the crew with ways to get home when it’s obvious they won’t succeed. But every plot point that followed made the story more interesting and layered on actual emotional impact. It’s basically the opposite of what Voyager has done up to now, where they start off with a good premise and then make it worse.
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They may have found a way home! This will definitely work out.

Janeway thinks she’s starring in Peter Pan.

Kes has learned an extraordinary amount of information since joining the crew. You know what? I like Kes. She’s a good kid.

The business about the Doctor being a person is a little redundant after Data.

B’Elana explains that she doesn’t have anyone at home that cares about her. Harry thinks, “No one likes you HERE either.”

Most of the struggles that the crew need to overcome can easily be understood by the audience. This isn’t always a strength of Voyager

Vaughn Armstrong is a Romulan! And an interesting one too. I like the relationship that grows in a short time between the crew and Armstrong’s character.

File under: Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest)

Tuvok always has to disappoint the crew with reason. Is it bad that I kind of enjoy this?

They introduce the idea that the Doctor wants a name. It’s one of those narrative threads that disappears as the series goes on.

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  • Ross Danbruen

    If they aren’t going to give him a name in an episode, there’s no reason to bring up that character point yet again every week. They mention it on occasion over the years, and for an anti-climatic joke in the series finale, they do acknowledge his final name choice. It doesn’t disappear as the series goes on, it was just never that big a deal to us, or even the Doctor for that matter.