[VOY] Ex Post Facto

VOY Season 1, Episode 8 (Netflix S1 E7): Ex Post Facto
Rating: 2
This episode should get marked down for having a dull mystery and some lame noir-like scenes. It should probably also be punished for featuring yet another nearly human delta quadrant species that have weird feather heads. The main positive (and I admit I probably enjoy this more than it actually should be worth) is that I love it when Tuvok puts people in their place. So it gets a 2.
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Reliving the last moments of your victim is an interesting punishment concept

 File under: Detective story

I’m not a fan of whatever is going on with their heads.

“Lt. Paris is our best pilot” -Harry

File under: Tom Paris: Best Pilot Ever

Neelix is actually acting as a guide. Thats something

It’s the same city from TNG. Weird

Tuvok is cool

Chakotay uses one of his tricky maquis maneuvers. The maquis and federation differences in tactics should have been highlighted more often, but in this case instead of making Chakotay look cool, Janeway just makes him look like a chump.

Tuvok does his first of many mind melds. Thats is an easy way to solve a murder mystery

File under: Mind Meld

I love it when Tuvok figures everything out

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  • cawshis

    I enjoyed this episode solely because of Tuvok. His detective work is flawless.