[VOY] Faces

VOY Season 1, Episode 14 (Netflix S1 E13): Faces

Rating: 1
If you’re a die hard B’Elanna fan you’ll probably love this episode. I didn’t find any of the character issues that interesting, the premise is strange, and end result is a combination of cheesy and gross.
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Similar to The Enemy Within from TOS.

I like the small scene between Neelix and Tuvok. I mostly just like Tuvok.

Harry comes up with a clever analogy about bread crumbs. Janeway isn’t impressed

It’s painful to watch B’Elanna talk as a klingon. She gets better as the episode goes on, but she is a little reminiscent of evil Bashir in the DS9 episode “The Passenger”

It’s the second appearance of the Vidiians

File under: Vidiians

It’s interesting that the Vidiians would search for other species that might have immunities, but it hardly makes splitting B’Elanna into a human version and a Klingon version a good idea.

Another Telaxian. He too is annoying

A cave!

 File under: Cave!

According to Memory Alpha the writers were going for a “beauty and the beast” type of relationship. Am I missing something? Which one is the beauty?

I like some of the concepts behind the Vidiians, but every episode they are in has them doing something that is both grotesque and silly, which isn’t a good combo

Chakotay becomes a Vidiian

B’Elanna fights with herself. I’m more forgiving of this kind of “on-the-nose” stuff in TOS, but not Voyager

Awwww Klingon Torres and Human Torres are learning to get along.

Of course, the super advanced medical technology that separates Torres’ halves is really easy for The Doctor to reverse.

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  • Khevenhiler

    Doctor rocks!
    My only issue with this episode is, how did they undress Chakotay’s uniform after Doctor made him that dashing mask on the head?
    That’s the rub, other things work just fine.