[VOY] Emanations

VOY Season 1, Episode 9 (Netflix S1 E8): Emanations
Rating: 1
This episode fails as a plot to rescue Harry Kim: There are no believable stakes, and the solution is mostly luck and other struggles I don’t care about. But you will correctly say the episode really isn’t about that, it’s about facing death, what the afterlife may hold, and touches on euthanasia. Well, it didn’t impress me on those levels as well. People seem to think that as long as you keep repeating key-phrases like “afterlife,” and “death,” then it counts as a thought provoking analysis. But I didn’t find any of it interesting.
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Are there going to be big spiders in this episode??? I will be really disappointed if there are no spiders.

Chakotay says scanning the bodies may be disrespectful? I think visual observations has just as good of a chance to be disrespectful, or walking around in there for that matter

Seska is in this one

File under: Martha Hackett (Seska)

Kim waking up in the pod is an interesting development

This guy looks dumb

This was a frustrating conversation to watch. The alien woman is distraught because she is questioning her perception of the afterlife. The main thing Janeway should be trying to convey is that she isn’t dead. This isn’t the afterlife and it therefore shouldn’t challenge her perception of the afterlife. But part of the problem is their concept of “the afterlife” is unclear. It seems to have more to do with the teleportation process than actually dying, in which case this theme isn’t even that interesting and shares little resemblance to any real beliefs

They also mention something similar to euthanasia, but they don’t really dive into any of the deep aspects of it

This alien lady has a lop-sided head

They could have treated this lady’s death a lot better. Janeway’s reaction is only that they have failed in an attempt to find a way to get Harry back. At least Kes is there to acknowledge that a person has died.

The stakes as far as what the audience feels are considerably high in this episode. This guy is threatening to have loads of scans done to Kim, and that would be incredibly boring. It really pushes the urgency of getting Kim back to Voyager. The best way to make high stakes is to threaten the audience with boredom.

So Harry found a way home, and all that it requires is for us all to forget about the consequences this guy is going to face. He really is going to leave his family and live in the mountains?

So the solution to getting Kim back meant that Kim luckily was beamed to Voyager, which Kim would have no reason to believe to be the case, and that the crew recognized it was him (scanning each body), and that they would be able to bring him back from the dead. Glad it worked out

Janeway gives a speech to Kim at the end which is supposed to be touching or something. I’m just mad there weren’t any giant spiders

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  • TheBestofAlexandra

    So true. I find single-character focused episodes tend to be kind of boring instead of as insightful and contemplative as they want to be, and poor Harry Kim bears the brunt of those lame episodes.