[ENT] Breaking The Ice

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 8 (Netflix: S1 E7): Breaking the Ice

Rating: 2
This episode has some cool character building scenes and does a good job of continuing the Vulcan relations as well as the exploration theme. I like this episode, but ultimately it’s a little dull.
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How did kids send these pictures? And why would a kid from Ireland have an astronaut wearing a “USA” uniform? Also neither of those things are important

It seems in every episode of Enterprise so far they manage to maintain the proper themes of exploration, and in this case they demonstrate the nature of exploration in this specific time period by talking about how important it is for people back on Earth

In the beginning of Enterprise Reed seems to get along really well with both Mayweather and Trip. They seemed like natural friendships and it is fun to watch them. Somewhere down the line they decided to make Reed not friendly with everyone, and instead of always making light of everything, he complains about everything.

Archer says he’s been in a dark matter nebula

They introduce the whole arranged marriage arc. I’m sure this was a main reason people tuned in from this point on

Kind of cool when Archer takes the helm

I like the resolution, but the part where T’Pol is giving advice to Archer, and secretly talking about herself as well, isn’t nearly as clever as the writers probably think it is


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