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[DS9] Emissary

[DS9] Season 1, Episode 1 and 2 (Netflix: S1 E1): Emissary Part 1 & 2

Rating: 4

Right from the first genuinely exciting moments of Emissary, DS9 sets itself apart from TNG. We’re introduced to a side of the Star Trek universe where the main character loses his ship and his wife – there are stakes because there are repercussions to events. Not that TNG never had consequences for actions, but DS9 embraces them. In a sense DS9 is all about the follow-up. It’s set in one place, within a specific, prolonged dramatic situation. While we love the exploration element of Star Trek, we often wish more time could be spent with certain species, political atmospheres, and Federation roles aside from what happens on the flagship.

Sure, the downside to the premise is that things can get a little dry, and boy will they get dry in spots, but the writers also managed to fill the cast with great characters. In the premiere the establishment of these characters can be pretty clunky, but overall the characters show more promise.

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It was a very good idea to start DS9 by having a highly regarded event from TNG be seen from our new captain’s perspective.


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The introduction to Sisko in the first 5 minutes are awesome

There is something a little off about how Quark looks

Odo looks weird too

For Odo’s introduction they illustrate his shape-shifting ability by having him turn his head into goo so a mace passes right through it. This kind of thing won’t happen again

I thought the moment where O’Brien leaves the enterprise was interesting. A kind of sentimental moment but at the same time Picard doesn’t have that much to say to him.


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They have Sisko hate one of Star Trek’s most loved characters. Bold

Hey wait, I’ve seen that wall design before…

…pretty thrifty, DS9


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  • woverette

    I find that the whole Prophets sequence inside the wormhole to be really long-winded and a bit pointless. The whole baseball analogy could have been done without, in my opinion.

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

      I can see how the inside-the-wormhole
      thing could be too much for people, but I personally like the way Sisko
      explains how humans experience time by showing them how baseball works.

  • http://twitter.com/johntodd55 John Christensen

    I like when Sisko gets excited in his first flashback to his meet his wife on the beach, and he is like “Ow” this is fun, in a Michael Jackson kind of way.
    Odo’s form tackling skills are impressive. but it is hard to see how tackling people is less disruptive than using a phaser set to stun.
    At about minute 32, in the promenade, there is one of the best sips of drink by an extra ever. super fast sip.
    Obrien is the Fonz of the transporter. thats scary.

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

      That “Ow” scene…. I like Avery Brooks in general (the guy who plays Sisko) but sometimes he just does weird things

      • Phoenix Wright

        Well what can you do? It was the 90’s, it was a simpler time.

    • blargh