[DS9] Past Prologue

DS9 Season 1, Episode 3 (Netflix: S1 E3): Past Prologue

Rating: 3

“Past Prologue” furthers the dissection of the situation with Kira, the Bajorans, and the Cardassians in a rewarding way. We get some more of the fully realized and morally complex political relationships established in the premiere, all in a tightly plotted episode. Plus Garak is introduced, which in our humble opinion is one of the best Trek characters.

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File under: Andrew Robinson (Garak)

Kira already has a new hair style

We can see some slight variations in the Bajorian nose/forehead wrinkles. This guy looks more like the first Bajorans in TNG

Leonard Nimoy’s wife and Michael Bay’s cousin is an admiral

File under: Susan Bay (Admiral Rollman)

Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest) as a Cardassian

File under: Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest)

The Duras sisters too!

File under: House of Duras

I like The Constable’s speech about pretense.

File under: The Constable

Stay tuned, we’ll be discussing this episode more next week in our “Second Episode Conundrum” article.

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