[DSC] Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

[DSC] Season 1, Episode 7: Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad18Rating: 3

Harry Mudd is back, and it makes for a pretty fun episode. I wish there was more of a twist or the idea was pushed further with the time-loop concept, since it’s such a familiar trope by now. Still, they kept the pace up, and had a couple of solid turns. Honestly it was just nice to have a basically stand alone, goofier episode. The romantic relationship between Burnham and Tyler happened sooner than I expected, and was executed well enough.



Party time! Unlike previous depictions of parties in Star Trek, this one actually seems like people are having fun.


The party is interrupted by a space-whale. Lorca does. not. care.  He’s basically like, “if I can’t rig this up into a gun or something wha’s the point?” Not a science dude I guess. 


They are required to bring the space-wale on board because it’s on the space-endangered-animal list.


A guy in a goofy Andorian (?) helmet comes blastin’ outta the space-whale!


It’s Harry Mudd! Back for revenge!


Anyway, this is a time loop episode, and only Stamets knows because he’s hooked up to the spore drive. Making the person that is aware of the time loop not the point of view character of the episode was probably the best idea they had for this story.


I like how annoyed/disinterested Lorca is in Harry Mudd’s passionate vendetta against him.


So Stamets is trying to figure a way to stop Mudd, and he needs Burnham’s help. He asks her to tell him something personal, and his reaction to the whispered information is great. The information itself turns out to be pretty lame tho.


Purple Alert! Love is in the air!!


There’s a montage of all the different times Mudd has killed Lorca. I think I wanted more crazy stuff like this to really exploit the time loop premise.


Whoa Mudd has this lil marble that causes a really painful death. Tyler jumps in front of it!


Mudd is trying to hijack the Discovery to sell to the Klingons, and Burnham offers herself up instead! Also she eat one ah them pain marbles! 


The good guys had a plan and they did that plan, and then they got the bad guy!


oh man I love these ridiculous costumes.