[DSC] Lethe

[DSC] Season 1, Episode 6: Lethe

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Rating: 4

Another strong episode of Discovery! We get a pretty canon-consistent depiction of Vulcans, and a well-executed indication of Lorca’s dubious priorities. Sarek’s memories offered up tricky territory, but the way Vulcan prejudice rippled through Burnham and Spock’s lives, and the painful decisions Sarek had to make as a result, is dramatically rich. It adds a nice layer to the three characters, which is difficult to do with an unseen character as iconic as Spock.


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Sarek is on the way to some top secret mission. His ship even kinda looks Vulcan??

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Nice scene of Burnham helping with Tilly’s goal of one day becoming a captain.

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wait what they got a holodeck

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This ding dong (or an “extremist,” as Sarek describes him) sabotages the ship. Sarek keeps it cool even though his ship gets pretty blown up.

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The replicator is really doing a hard sell on these burritos.

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Tilly seems uncharacteristically socially confident here. We learn more about Tyler, who is the new Security dude

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Burnham blasts through mind-space via her mental link with Sarek. I really liked this more out-there visual.

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Sarek, near death, is mentally replaying the moment Burnham got rejected from the Vulcan Science Whatever.

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Turns out Sarek was going to negotiate a peace with some dissatisfied Klingon houses. Lorca interrupts this admiral to go rescue Sarek.

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There’s a fun scene with Stamets, who seems to be a little bit more New Agey now that he’s recovered from being a replacement bug-navigator for a shroom-engine.

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Burnham goes back into Sarek’s mind to get coordinates on his ship. There is some Vulcan karate.

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Admiral Cornwell thinks Lorca might be more messed up than he is letting on, but they bang around anyway.

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Lorca instinctively pulls a phaser on Cornwell when they wake up later. She’s not into it.

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Lorca helping to rescue Sarek has won Burnham over.

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Meanwhile, in Sarek’s brain, we learn that Sarek had to choose between Spock getting into Vulcan school or Burnham. I actually like this backstory!

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Admiral Cornwell is gonna negotiate with the Klingons in Sarek’s place. But she says when she gets back Lorca is totally grounded.

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Surprise! The Klingon’s don’t want to negotiate. Also check out those wierdos in the back.

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In contrast to defying orders and rescuing Sarek, (in order to build loyalty with Burnham, who Lorca sees as an asset) Lorca follows the rulebook and wait for orders when he learns of Cornwell being captured, so he might not have to get a week of detention.