Top 10 Favorite Characters in Star Trek: Discovery, so far

Please keep in mind that our ranking is subject to change if they release a few more seconds of footage.

10. Person walking down a hallwayhall person 2

She is very determined, diligent, and mysterious. I really hope they take these traits and expand on them, perhaps having her do her classic ‘brisk walk’ in other parts of the ship or even various planets.

9. Ensign Connorloud noise guy

One of our favorite characteristics in Ensign Connor is that he perfectly represents a feeling I often have, which is a dislike of loud noises. I’m glad this is getting representation in Discovery, as it has been a staple of Trek. He also plays a key role in seeing little Klingon symbols on a computer screen, a defining moment in Star Trek: Discovery, presumably.

8. Buggybuggy

He’s kind of gross, but he has a cool trick where his head comes out of his hood, which is very important to us.

7. Guy With Thing On Head #1lobot

This character’s main strength is his powerful gaze at something. He really gazes the hell out of it. It’s unclear what his cool head-wear is for, but I hope someone tells him that it’s not quite on straight.

6. Guy With Thing On Head #2blueWe gotta say, it was a tough call between Guy With Thing On Head #1, and Guy With Thing On Head #2. This one’s kinda blue though, so he wins for now.

5. This Robot robot

Sometimes a problem I have with robots is their inner thoughts and feelings are difficult to read, but with this robot-thing, it looks like it’s clearly displayed on its face.

4. Sareksarek 2

It’s good ol’ Sarek!

3. Lt. Sarusaru

He’s a cool looking alien and has some kind of death spider-sense. We aren’t sure yet if that’s a good weird idea or a bad weird idea, but one thing we’re certain of is that Saru is our third favorite character.

2. Captain Georgioucaptain

Ok, for real though, she’s awesome already.

1. Michael Burnhammain character

She stand, she walks, she thinks they should fire weapons first; Lt. Commander Burnham has it all. Plus, she has something to do with Vulcans? Who knows / who cares, we have all we need to definitively say she is the best character on Star Trek Discovery.

  • Brathor

    I too enjoy the classic ‘brisk walk.’ Can’t wait to see more!