[DS9] Broken Link

[DS9] Season 4, Episode 26: Broken Link15

Rating: 3

This episode moves the greater plot of Deep Space Nine forward, but mostly towards the end of the episode. It feels a little slight for a season finale. If there were more tension as the Defiant approached the Changeling home world the episode may have worked better, but all around “Broken Link” is still pretty entertaining, and a must watch for how it leads into future episodes.

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Garak tries to set Odo up with a lady.


But then he gets a case of the wobbles.


Gowron is making threats.


Odo still tries to do Odo type stuff…


but he can’t function anymore!


He asks to be taken to his people. They’re the only ones who will know how to fix his sweating problem.


Garak wants to come. They spend too much time trying to explain why Garak should come on the mission, and the explanation isn’t great. Garak should’ve just said “let me come I’m a likable character in this TV show.”


They keep going on about how it’s really hard for Odo to keep his shape and he really struggles to walk to the Defiant. Just don’t hold your shape then. They can just carry you out in a peanut butter jar or something.


The Dominion shows up and wants to help Odo.


They also squeeze O’Briens chest. He doesn’t seem to like it.


The other changeling alleviates Odo of his struggle momentarily, but he’ll need to go to the Great Link to be totally fixed.


Odo will also be judged for that time he killed another changeling. Odo gets her to admit that they gave him the disease to coerce him back to the Great Link.


Odo steps into his family.


Garak schemes to destroy all the changelings, but Worf stops him.


When they spit Odo back out, he’s a plain ol’ human!


After arriving back at the station Gowron says that the Federation has to get out of a certain sector that the Klingons are claiming for their own.


But Odo remembers the changelings trying to keep things from him in the Great Link, but he managed to see images of Gowron in their minds. He thinks Gowron is a changeling!

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