[VOY] Demon

[VOY] tarteason 4, Episode 24: Demon11

Rating: 4

“Demon” has some nice, mysterious moments. Even better than that, the explanation of those moments is pretty interesting! This seems rare in Voyager, a show that would occasionally go out of its way to drop you into the middle of a plot or present a wild or strange occurrence and then dissolve into standard Trek plots or just try to unsuccessfully ride a strange vibe to the end of the episode. Plus I like that there’s a Demon Crew chillin’ on this hell planet.

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Voyager has to go to gray mode because it needs deuterium.


Seven finds some, but it’s on a “demon” class planet! The most hostile class to humans!


They try to beam up some deuterium but it breaks the transporter. They suggest sending a probe down to collect the deuterium, but the probe would disintegrate minutes after entering the atmosphere. Man, it sounds really dangerous down there!


So Harry suggests they make a few modifications to the environmental suits and shuttle, then just head down there and collect some.


They go to the surface and have lots of great jokes.


But then Harry falls into a pool of liquid, hopefully gone forever.


Somehow Harry survives the pool of liquid, but he and Tom get holes in their suits and suffocate (maybe?)


We just jump to the sub-plot, which is the Doctor and Neelix trying to annoy each other.


Chakotay suggests sending down another shuttle to see what happened to Harry and Tom, but Janeway says that the same thing could happen to them…


So she decides to drive all of Voyager down there. This atmosphere is starting to seem a lot less dangerous than the characters insist it is.


They find Tom and Harry just hanging around.


When they beam them back to the ship, they can’t breathe! They’ve been altered to the demon environment!


B’Elanna messes around with that liquid and it duplicates her thumb.


And then they find the REAL Tom and Harry. Great, now we’ve got extra of these jokers around.


The liquid becomes more hostile and starts sucking in the whole ship.


Suddenly liquid-Harry understands a lot more, and he explains that the liquid developed self awareness for the first time after duplicating Tom and Harry. The liquid doesn’t want to be alone anymore.


So Janeway asks volunteers to be duplicated. So there’s just another Voyager crew roaming around a planet somewhere.

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    There is an error in the posted sentence: The liquid becomes more hostile and start sucking in the whole ship.

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    The liquid becomes more hostile and starts sucking in the whole ship.