Five Episodes to Watch on Halloween

From the Original Series: The Mark of GideonThe Mark of

TOS was very often both creepy and silly, exactly like Halloween. There’s something about the empty corridors of the Enterprise that feels extra spooky in this episode.


From The Next Generation: Conspiracy

Gross bugs! People shoot bugs, eat bugs, and host bugs in their chest cavity.

From Deep Space Nine: Necessary EvilNecessary Evil

Other than being a little darker than other episodes, this one isn’t especially fitting for Halloween. We just think you should watch it on Halloween for the same reason you should watch it any other day: it’s a really good episode.

From Voyager: Macrocosmmacrocosm

Janeway fights to retake the ship from weird flying monsters!

From Enterprise: Dead StopDead Stop

After sustaining terrible damage to the ship, the crew of the Enterprise stumble upon an un-maned automated repair station that seems too good to be true. This is one of our favorite Enterprise episodes, and one of the creepiest, just by way of being one of the more tightly plotted suspense episodes of Trek.

  • Kane Lynch

    For DS9, I’d go with “The Assignment” and “Whispers.”

    • Malachi Ward

      Poor O’Brien. Those probably are more Halloweeny episodes from Deep Space Nine.

  • Shatner’s Bassoon

    “Night Terrors” has a nice creepy atmosphere

    • Malachi Ward

      Oh yeah! That’s a good one. TNG has a lot of spooky episodes.