[ENT] Borderland

[ENT] Season 4, Episode 4: Borderland
borderlandsRating: 3

This is a really fun episode, utilizing a couple of little-used components of the Trek mythology. The Augments are a little undercooked, especially since there is a lot of screen time devoted to them, but I like Soongs character and the way he faces off with Archer over the course of this story arc.

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Some guys take over a Klingon ship! They’re really strong and stuff.


Brent Spiner! He’s supposed to be an ancestor of the Dr. Soong from TNG. He’s in jail for being too edgy.


There’s a whole group of people that wear clothes torn in a strangely consistent way.

soong and rcher

Soong was responsible for stealing embryos left over from the Eugenics war. They have to find his augments before they start a war with the Klingons.


They have a fitting “let’s get back to business” moment, since this is there first time setting off since the big Xindi incident.


They’re attacked by Orions!


They capture some of the crew to be sold as slaves. I like the way they incorporated Orions into the plot.


There is a bit of a filler plot about a mutiny among the augments. It actually ends up creating a disconnect between Soong and the augments because the overthrown augment leader seemed to just want to fly away somewhere, and Soong’s whole plan seemed to be expecting the augments to save him.


Archer and Soong create some chaos at the slave market to get the crew back, but Soong tries to get away.


They get him back though. Throughout the whole episode there are somewhat interesting dialogues about the fear of genetic engineering.


When the Orions attack again, the augments save them


Their leader, Malik, meets with Archer


He’d like to have Soong back


They get Soong and get away!

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  • yogonaf

    In relation to “There’s a whole group of people that wear clothes torn in a strangely consistent way.” the augments prefer perfect precision (alliteration).

    Part of this PPP is to have flawlessly torn attire.