[VOY] Nemesis

[VOY] Season 4, Episode 4: NemesisnemesisRating: 2

Nemesis isn’t a terrible episode, but a few things keep it from a 3 rating. The twist makes sense for the most part, and has an actual purpose, but it could’ve been done a lot better. You get the sense that something is up pretty early on, and the reveal doesn’t have as much emotional weight as I think the writers were going for. The way the aliens talk in this episode is probably reason enough for it to remain at a 2. It constantly keeps you from taking anything seriously.

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Picture 1

Chakotay crashes a shuttle in the middle of a war zone. Voyager should be running low on shuttles by now, right?

Picture 3

These aliens talk funny. They say things like “fathom” instead of “think/know,” or “glimpses” instead of “eyes.” I can see how this concept could sound like a good idea, but it was really silly in practice.


While trying to find a way back to Voyager, Chakotay slowly starts to join in the fight. The people he’s with keep talking about how evil their “nemesis” is. Hmmm I might have an idea of where this is going…


They get ambushed!


Back on Voyager, they’re trying to find Chakotay. Neelix talks to an ambassador on the planet and told Neelix about how evil their “nemesis” was.


Chakotay escapes the fight and finds a village.


But then the bad guys show up (who look a lot like Nausicaans)  and take the old folks!


Paris wants to go on a team to save Chakotay, but Tuvok says “ya know what, I think I’ll just go by myself and get em back”


But then when the ambassador sends people to help Tuvok we learn that Voyager has been talking with the Nausicaan-looking aliens!


Chakotay wakes up somewhere else and decides he wants to go fight some more.


Tuvok shows up and tells Chakotay to snap out of it


Chakotay had been captured and exposed to elaborate virtual propaganda to make him hate those aliens. Tuvok shows him the virtual village where the program had reset.


ya got duped again, Chakotay.


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