Top 5 From Voyager Season 3


Our favorites from the season: 

5. Before and AfterBefore and After

This episode is pretty loopy, in a way that gets old as the plot progresses, but it’s nice to get a Kes focused episode that doesn’t have much to do with Neelix. That sounds like pretty faint praise for an episode ranked in the top five, but it was a weak season, so the standards are pretty low.


4. Scorpion

They see a scary monster

“Scorpion” mostly places because of the high stakes, forward momentum, and getting the show closer to Seven of Nine being introduced, who is one of the better characters on Voyager. But it’s also the the beginning of the final blow to The Borg, completing the transformation from a once terrifying and conceptually rich nemesis to a pretty standard villain.


3. Macrocosmmacrocosm

The plot is simple, the effects are bad, but Macrocosm gets the job done. It’s great to see Janeway convincingly play the cool-under-fire, tough heroine ridding the ship of a hostel force.


2. FlashbackFlashback

Sulu! Star Trek 6! Tuvok! …And some other stuff that’s pretty boring. But the good stuff is exciting enough to make Flashback work.


1. BasicsBasics Part 2We really like Suder.