[ENT] Similitude

[ENT] Season 3, Episode 10: Similitude

SimilitudeRating: 2

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the episode, and I could be persuaded to change the rating. I like that they show another example of the harsh decisions they have to make due to their mission and the Expanse. I like some of the things it tells us about Trip’s character. I also think it was an interesting way for T’Pol to find out how Trip feels about her, although I don’t really like the prospect of them being in any kind of relationship. One of the main things this episode has going against it is that it’s really painful to watch. It has a moral dilemma that doesn’t really correlate to anything in reality, and kind of seems like the writer is just being mean to us.

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Trip was screwin with the engines and he gets hurt


Phlox has a larva though


There’s also a bunch of junk that’s sticking to the ship like magnets. They need to get the engines fixed fast or else there will be even more junk stuck to them

hoshi, Phlox and Sim

The larva becomes a clone of Trip that grows up really fast and will die after 15 days. They need bits of his brain to fix Trip. The boy also has the memories Trip had when he was his age.


The boy, who they name Sim, starts asking questions and Archer has to find a way to tell him he’s gonna die in a week or so, and they’re taking his brain


The stuff on the outside of the ship is getting really gross


Sim is much more forward because he doesn’t have any time to waste


He tells T’Pol that he has feelings for her, but he’s not sure if it’s him, or Trip’s memories


Sim comes up with a plan to save the ship

Sim and Archer

He thinks about running

Sim and T'Pol

T’Pol gives him a goodbye kiss


Sim accepts his fate, and goes out with dignity


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