DS9: Children of Time – by David Dell’oso

We’re jumping ahead for a special guest illustration/review of Deep Space Nine’s  “Childern of Time” (S05-E22) by David Dell’oso

children of time - david dell'oso

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This my all time favorite episode in the Star Trek mythos for many reasons, the main of which is that at it’s center is a love story, one that in the end is beyond bittersweet. I’m a hopeless romantic and it makes me cry every time I see it.

Old Odo

The relationship between Odo and Major Kira is examined in a unique way. The opening scene reveals that Kira has broken up with Shakaar. Odo’s discovery of this shakes him to the core because he has longed for the Major for quite some time. The brilliant performance by Rene Auberjonois, conveying so much emotion with such an undefined face, deserves an award.

There are many great scenes with the two of them but the one I chose to illustrate depicts the older Odo taking Kira to visit her own grave. Shooting on location for this really added a level of beauty to the scene. When they walk back to the settlement holding hands…oh how it melts my heart.

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