[TNG] The Schizoid Man

[TNG] Season 2, Episode 6 (Netflix: S2 E6): The Schizoid Man

The Schizoid man
Rating: 2

There are some interesting concepts floating around in the episode, but none of them are explored in any satisfying way. The whole of the plot can be guessed by the viewer within the first few minutes of the episode, so thematic depth and character moments provide the bulk of the entertainment, which is relatively thin.

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Data's beard

Data acquires a beard

Worf and Troi

They have to do a “Near-Warp transport.” Deanna didn’t sign up for this

Picture 7

They have to do a medical checkup on the most brilliant man in the whole galaxy or something

Picture 9

“Excuse me sir, are you a Romulan?” She must be a star wars fan.

Picture 10

They discover Graves is going to die

Picture 11

I liked this conversation about Data’s nature. Graves also says he’s going to transfer his mind into a computer, and then wants to know if he could shut Data off

Picture 12

Data rejoins the group and announces that Graves has died

Picture 14

Graves-Data gives his own eulogy. No one likes it except Wesley

Picture 15

Data starts getting really jealous because Picard was talking to his lady friend

Picture 16

Data starts knocking people out

Picture 18

Then he feels guilty so he knocks himself out.


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