[DS9] The Circle

[DS9] Season 2, Episode 2 (Netflix S2 E2): The Circle

Kira The Circle
Rating: 3

The trilogy gets more interesting and remains entertaining enough for a 3. It still mostly seems like build up, along with back story for Bajor and a quick action rescue scene.

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"The Circle" is back and they're still drawing all over the walls

“The Circle” is back and they’re still drawing all over the walls

The writers

The writers are trying a little too hard to be clever, but we get a good sense of the characters in this scene


Bareil shows up and asks if Kira wants to hang out in his garden


Kira sucks at putting rocks in a row. She says she was never very good at “art.”


Bareil is kind of creepy in this episode


He shows her the orb of prophecy. Is it gonna be foreshadowing to all the cool conflicts to come? What’s is the Gamma quadrant? War?…


…or just an upcoming romance. That’s not as exciting


Quark: “We gotta leave. I do anyway. You can just turn into a couch”

Odo sneaks

Odo turns into a mouse and finds out the Cardassians are supplying The Circle with weapons!

Jaro turns out to be in charge of the circle

Kira is captured. Jaro turns out to be in charge of The Circle

Sisko and team plan a rescue mission for Kira

Sisko plans a rescue mission for Kira

A Bajoran security guy gets shot

Two Bajoran security guys get shot

Bashir gets shot too, but it doesn't slow him down too much

Bashir gets shot too, but it doesn’t bother him too much

Jaro schemes with Winn

Jaro schemes with Winn. He’ll do what he can to make her Kai


Admiral Chakotay? A civil war breaks out on Bajor but he says Sisko isn’t allowed to interfere

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