[TNG] Top 5 From Season 1

5. Arsenal of Freedom

yar and dataArsenal of Freedom wasn’t a great episode, but in a weak first season it had enough strengths to make the top five. I guess it boils down to us liking it when Geordi takes command of the Enterprise.

4. Coming of Age

big wesYes, this episode is about Wesley, which may turn people off, but to me it’s also about Starfleet, which is something I’ve always wanted to know more about. It’s cool to see the selection process for the academy. This episode also nicely foreshadows Conspiracy.

3. Encounter At Farpoint

QA clunky introduction to the series, but it had it’s moments. The courtroom scene in particular is a highlight for the first season. There are stretches of dull bits, and we’re continuously taken directions that aren’t connected to what we care about, but generally they did a decent job of introducing the characters and re-introducing the themes of Star Trek.

2. The Neutral Zone

Romulan WarbirdThe introduction of the Romulans easily earns this episode a top spot on the list. Just check out their cool ship! The plot involving people from the past wasn’t too bad, but it felt like it got in the way of the build-up to a showdown with the Romulans.

1. Conspiracy

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One of the most memorable episodes, perhaps for a few gross scenes, but also because it’s all-around awesome. It takes a tone unlike any other episode of the first season making for a compelling ride and an easy choice as best episode so far.