[TOS] Operation: Annihilate!

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 29 (Netflix: S1 E30): Operation: Annihilate!

Rating: 2
This episode is filled with desperate attempts to make high stakes, none of which mean very much to the audience. It ends up being dull.
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There’s been a pattern of mass insanity with a line of planets. The next planet in line is Deneva, so they head there.

They see a ship fly into a sun

Kirk’s brother Sam lives on Deneva!

They beam down and come across a gang of shouting people wielding glass tubes

Sam died!

They encounter some things stuck to the wall!

One of them attaches itself to Spock!

Spock flips out and tries to take control of the ship

Spock says he’s sorry and he won’t do it again

At first they make you think Spock was losing it again, but it turns out he was just going on a mission…without telling anyone…and he was willing to assault fellow officers to do it.

Spock grabs one of the little guys

It’s a big brain cell

If they can’t find a way of killing the creatures without killing the people, then Kirk has to kill all the people to stop the spread of insanity!

They think light might kill them. “1 million candles per square inch”. Do they really use candle light as a unit of measurement?

You gotta go through the door one at a time guys

Several times during this episode this conversation seems to happen: Kirk/Spock: “We have to do this. It’s the only way”                         Bones: “Are you mad? We can’t do that!”                                                 Kirk/Spock: “It’s the only way.”                                                               Bones: “…Ok”                                                                                   (paraphrasing)

They wear some cool glasses

Spock comes out of the test chamber, says it killed the thing inside him, and starts to walk across the room. When he runs into a table he admits he’s blind. Was he going to see how long he could fake it?

Before they blinded Spock they sent Chapel to do tests on the brain cell thing. She comes back with results showing they didn’t need to blind Spock. Hey maybe you should’ve waited a few minutes guys.

Spock isn’t blind anymore! He forgot about his other eyelids


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  • brathor1

    This episode was always strange to me, particularly the treatment of Spock’s blindness. Kirk and Bones both experience so much angst about blinding Spock, and they make it sound like blindness effectively will make him useless or something. Then, after all that, Spock just strolls onto the bridge like nothing happened, which just makes me feel like the entire thing was a waste of time.

    KIRK: You’re not blind?
    SPOCK: I somehow forgot I was immune to blindness.
    KIRK: Sweet, let’s never talk about this again.

    Insert some Kirk/Spock/Bones banter to end the episode with a joke, roll credits.

  • Emmanuel Díaz Guerra

    Candles are actually a unit for measuring light in the international system 😀