[TOS] Court Martial

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 20 (Netflix: S1 E21): Court Martial
Rating: 2
This episode has some good scenes revolving around Kirk’s character and how Bones and Spock relate to him, but the court room plot only alternates between boring and annoying.
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Gah! Cool space outfit, lady.

Kirk killed her father??

The crew was in danger, Kirk had to jettison a thing! It killed Finney!

These tough guys look cool, eatin their melon cubes and drinkin from plastic champagne cups (with the pinky finger raised of course)

A woman from Kirk’s past! And Bones is getting a little flirty. Not cool Bones

According to this red square, Kirk jettisoned the pod during yellow alert! I guess that means he is responsible for Finney’s death.

Kirk’s old love is the prosecution against him! At least that means she’ll wear something less ridiculous…or at least something ridiculous we’re more used to.

Throughout this episode there are music cues signifying that something dramatic has been said, but they happen at weird times. Kirk just said he pleads “not guilty”. We all should’ve expected that, right?

Spock gives a cool testimony to Kirk’s nature: “It is impossible for captain Kirk to act out of panic or malice”. Then the prosecutor gets Spock to admit that it’s just his opinion (cue dramatic music) like that’s supposed to be some great point for her side.

For the prosecution’s next killer point, she brings in a personnel officer who states that according to record Kirk disciplined Finney. So what? That proves that Finney has motive to hate Kirk, not the other way around.

The prosecutor asks Bones if Finney’s hatred of Kirk might mean that Kirk would start to hate Finney back. Bones replies “Not Captain Kirk!… He’s not that kind of a man!”. But then she gets him to admit its theoretically possible for a normal human person to return hatred with hatred. Again, really weak point

Now she has a video recording of what happened? Why didn’t she start with that!?

Kirk jettisoned the pod before red alert! Before Finney was out! Also, what a strange panel to have next to the captain. Those are the three things he’s in direct control of? (along with two mystery buttons)

Kirk don’t remember it goin down like that though

Then Spock plays chess

The defense man gives a speech about rights, and especially the right for Kirk to face his accuser: the machine. That’s kind of weird. Just say you have evidence to show the computer was messed up.

Finney could still be alive!

It’s kind of a cool scene when they hear the heart beats on the ship…as long as you don’t think about it too much (like everything else they would hear if they were capable of hearing a single heart beat).      Also, who arranged the triangles on this guy’s shirt? They didn’t do a very good job.

After they find out where Finney is, Kirk says “This is my problem. I would appreciate it if no one left the bridge.” Why?

Oh right, for a fight scene obviously

File under: Keep your shirt on Kirk

These two are getting gushy right in front of everyone. I bet that made them uncomfortable. Hey Kirk, remember when she brought up witnesses to needlessly question your character, even though it wasn’t relevant given the computer record she had?

File under: Romance?

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  • Ruth

    This episode seems very irrational.

  • petetheshopper

    If you know any math, the ship magnifying heartbeats at “1 to the 4th power” is none at all.