[ENT] Fortunate Son

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 10 (Netflix: S1 E9): Fortunate Son

Rating: 2

I love diving into the world of the freight runners, and it’s very appropriate for this time period, but this episode could have been a lot better. Instead of creating a morally complex situation, with a cool fringe character, they made a weak villain that we’re somehow supposed to root for. Still, this episode is fun and it barely falls short of a 3.

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Good teaser: cool looking freight ship being attacking by Nausicaans!

Admiral Forrest makes an appearance

File under: Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest)

I’m interested in the freight society, their role in this time period, their struggle against pirates, and them becoming outdated. I wish there were more episodes about them

The Nausicaans were a good choice for this episode. I also wish there could have been more episodes about them

File under: Nausicaans

Mayweather says his sister and her husband are still on the Horizon. In the episode “Horizon” it’s revealed it would have been his father, mother, and brother. This must be an old boomer trick, to lie about your family

I like the function of this scene, but maybe not exactly how it was carried out. I like how it’s presumed that it’s about some boomer bonding time, but it’s revealed that Ryan really hates people like Mayweather. It illustrates interesting elements to what’s happening to boomers as well as insights into Mayweather’s character

I wish they would’ve made the Fortunate captain, Ryan, more sympathetic. It’s easy to imagine a strong defense for his case, and a freight captain fighting alien pirates sounds like a missed opportunity for a cool character…

…But instead they made it so he tries to murder Archer, Reed, Phlox, and T’Pol. Yeah ok I know he probably wasn’t trying to kill them, he was just trying to slow them down by putting them in a life threatening situation, but the point still remains that they made him a jerk instead of someone we could sympathize with. They made his motives about revenge when they could have been perfectly justifiable, but still in conflict with Enterprise

I’m sure Anthony Montgomery is a nice guy

There’s a nice bit between Archer and the older Fortunate captain at the end about what’s happening to boomers


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