[TOS] Dagger of the Mind

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 9 (Netflix: S1 E10): Dagger of the Mind

Rating: 2

Overall, there was some cool scenes showcasing the characters, but not anything particularly special about the episode.

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They do a good job of introducing that something isn’t quite right down there on the rehabilitation colony

That’s a frightening elevator. Romantically frightening

Spock does a mind-meld type thing.

File under: Mind Meld

I like Helen Noel and her relationship with Kirk

This is the second renowned Earth scientist that turns out to be up to no good.

The way she kills that guy on the electric fence is pretty cool.

I always like when at the end of the episode Kirk says something along the lines of “let’s get out of here.”

They never fixed the memory alteration done to Kirk. Is he still willing to give up everything for his love of Helen?


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