[TOS] What Are Little Girls Made Of?

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 7 (Netflix: S1 E8): What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Rating: 3

This episode doesn’t do anything particularly special, but it’s entertaining. Kirk foils the plans of another utopian maniac. What else do you need?
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This episode features a lot of Nurse Chapel

File under: Majel Barrett (Chapel/Lwaxana)

Kirk mentions The Academy.

Kirk: “is there a path down there?”                                                   Brown: “There’s no hope captain, It’s bottomless.”                             What seriously?

File under: Cave!

These androids look more realistic than Data.

For the character of Ruk they found the biggest toughest looking person to play him, but then why did they go with the silly floral-like pattern and goofy collar for his costume?

When Kirk is cornered he can be pretty violent.

Hey I’ve seen this shot before. It’s from The Man Trap

I don’t understand most of the things this kissing-bot does

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