[DS9] Captive Pursuit

DS9 Season 1, Episode 6 (Netflix: S1 E5): Captive Pursuit

Rating: 3

This O’Brien-based episode has an appearance of Gamma Quadrant aliens, and does a decent job exploring characters negotiating their relationship with the Prime Directive. The first half deals mostly with Tosk, the mysterious alien from the other side of the wormhole. Aside from a handful of solid character building scenes, (notably one featuring Quark and O’Brien) this isn’t a really re-watchable episode because the principal mystery isn’t that rewarding once you know what happens.

This episode originally aired the same week as the TNG episode “Aquiel” (TNG 6.13), the one where Geordi falls in love with an accused murderer, and also there’s a dog.

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Something is coming through the wormhole from the gamma quadrant!

First role of Scott MacDonald in Star Trek

 File under: Scott MacDonald (Dolim)

O’Brien seems to be trying to say as many things as he possible can that an alien wouldn’t understand

I think the station has some security issues they need to sort out. The strange alien just said, “Computer, where are the guns” and the computer basically responds “No problem! They’re right here.”

You know how a word can start to sound weird if you say it a lot? Well “tosk” sounded weird the first time, and they repeat it about 34 times in this episode.

It looks like they put a lot of work into these guy’s helmets. A lot of fruitless work.

Odo gets knocked down. It shouldn’t have happened. Overall Odo is pretty great in Captive Pursuit though.

This species is similar to the Hirogen, but more interesting. It would’ve been nice if the writers invested more time in how alien and deeply rooted the contrasts were between this species and humans. It seemed like it was more than hard-to-stomach cultural differences.

The Prime Directive plays a significant role in this episode.

File under: Prime Directive

There are some pretty good O’Brien moments, and it’s nice that an O’Brien centered episode doesn’t feature the infamous “Abused O’Brien” theme.

File under: O’Brien focused

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  • ParrotTalkBack

    I hope the Voyager Golden Record has an explanation of what “piece of cake” means. A lot of alien species seem to have trouble with that one.