[TNG] The Last Outpost

TNG Season 1, Episode 5 (Netflix: S1 E6): The Last Outpost
Rating: 2
The episode gets off to a good start. The mysterious alien ship is scary and the showdown between the two ships is legitimately tense. Unfortunately the mysterious aliens are The Ferengi, who are much different in “The Last Outpost” than the Ferengi that populate the franchise later. On top of that, the episode is filled with obnoxious failed attempts at humor and character building. Data’s interaction with a children’s finger trap toy is one of the character’s worst scenes. The main reason you might want to watch this episode is to see how it all began for the Ferengi, and for the suspenseful opening.

Worf doesn’t know much about the Ferengi yet, but he seems to be in disbelief that they could paralyze Enterprise.                                “Immobilized by the damned Ferengi!” – Worf

The Ferengi ship is cool

Worf asks Data to explain Uncle Sam, and Data just ignores him.

“WOO-WEE” -Geordi

10:01- “I say fight, sir!” -Worf                                                                                                                                                                                               12:53- Picard: “opinions please” …                                                                                                                  Worf: “…Hit them hard and hit them fast”                                                                                                                                                                               In the beginning of TNG, almost every time Worf speaks it’s to suggest fighting, no matter the circumstance.

File under: One Note Worf

The Ferengi seemed like an intriguing villain up until the moment they actually appeared on screen.


Gah! Zoom out zoom out!

The crew keeps talking while hailing frequencies are open in this episode. Keep it professional boys.

Troi says she felt the Ferengi were hiding something. Later we’ll learn Betazoids can’t sense Ferengi minds.

File under: Is Troi Even Telepathic?

Riker shouts out in search for the rest of the away team while only about 30 feet away Data just stands on a giant crystal staring at it. What’s with Data in this episode?

Riker is trying really hard to look cool while he turns his car alarm off

It could’ve been cool having a species that hates how the Federation withholds technology and medicine from undeveloped planets, but the Ferengi are far too ridiculous to make good use of this theme

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  • anon

    I like the suggestions presented along with the critique. For instance, the suggestion to have made the Ferengi resentful to the Federation for not sharing medical technology is compelling.