[TNG] The Naked Now

TNG Season 1, Episode 3 (Netflix: S1 E4): The Naked Now
Rating: 1
Generally I like seeing cool characters sort through problems, not cool characters acting like idiots while a giant glowing rock slowly drifts towards them. The episode is filled with moments you will wish you had never seen, and bad jokes, thus it gets a 1.
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Way too similar to TOS episode “The Naked Time

Characters seem to use a lot more slang when they’re around Data

Chief engineer MacDougal?

Cool hair, superman

Yar talks about her tragic upbringing of escaping rape gangs, but then they clearly are trying to make this scene funny. Really it’s only gross


This episode tries to show us how smart Wesley is, but it mainly just makes everyone else look dumb

Yeah, the writers kind of try to explain how Data could get drunk, but we all know it was because they thought it would be funny

At around 33:50 Picard makes a weird noise

Stay tuned, we’ll be discussing this episode more next week in our “Second Episode Conundrum” article.

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  • Singular Step

    Funny you should mention the weird sound Picard is making in the scene with him and Crusher in the Ready Room; rewatching the episode just the other day I couldn’t help but wonder what this was all about. Was he merely clearing his throat or what exactly was that supposed to mean?

    As for the episode itself – I always had a soft spot for “The Naked Now”. I know, it’s goofy, but I love the cinematography, Ron Jones’ great score and some funny bits with Wesley, Shimoda (that guy should have been a regular, really) and Data.

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

       Yeah I don’t know what happened with Picard making the noise. It sounded like he barked.

  • http://twitter.com/annaliesemaree Annaliese Maree

    Gold. I never noticed the weird noise. Me thinks I need to watch this again.

  • http://twitter.com/JackCum Bryan: One great kid

    Never noticed the noise either, but this episode is absolutely dreck. however I do like Wesley declaring himself the new captain. Data/Tasha’s scene is BEYOND creepy… was this supposed to be sexy?

  • http://twitter.com/JackCum Bryan: One great kid

    P.S. I think Shimoda should have stuck around also… and just imagine if Chief Engineer Argyle stuck through 7 seasons and 4 movies!

  • http://twitter.com/wolverettealex Alex Varela

     I had never realized how obnoxious Wesley was in the earlier episodes.
    His cheery smile is disconcerting, and he’s way too eager for a normal kid. And I agree, he makes everyone look dumb, especially since he can save the ship even though he’s drunk.