[TOS] Charlie X

TOS Season 1, Episode 2 (Netflix: S1 E3): Charlie X
Rating: 1
It’s hard not to compare the main theme of this episode with Where No Man Has Gone Before, and Charlie X isn’t nearly as good. It’s comprised of mostly awkward, unintentionally funny scenes, and most of the time leaves you feeling awful, mostly for Janice, but also for the rest of the crew and even Charlie at the end. It was interesting to see Kirk try to act like a father figure, but it wasn’t enough for this episode to win me over.
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Perhaps a similar episode to Voyager’s “Q2”
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Spock seems to get irritated a few times in this episode. I wonder if they had really ironed out his character

Looks like things are about to get goofy


File Under: Star Trek Jam Band

There is a lot of Janice in this episode, with her crazy basket hair

File Under: Grace Lee Whitney (Janice)

Charlie has to ask Kirk why you don’t slap girls. This seems to be a really tough question for Kirk. It’s hard to believe this episode was mostly written by a woman.

File under: D.C. Fontana

“we see Kirk beating Spock at chess through his ‘illogical’ strategy. I’m not a master, but I’m pretty sure chess doesn’t work like that.” -Zack Handlen (of A.V. Club)

The first time he did the eye ball thing it was a little creepy. Then it happened ten more times.

What kind of friend is Janice, trying to hook up Charlie with this girl? What exactly could she have told her friend about Charlie? “I’ve only really run into him twice, but he slapped my butt, somehow got creepy pictures of me, and then snuck a card down my shirt. Do you think you’d be interested in him?”

“You smell like a girl” – Charlie


Kirk comes up with an incredibly risky plan that no one would have any reason to think would work.

It worked out!

Stay tuned, we’ll be discussing this episode more next week in our “Second Episode Conundrum” article.

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  • Jess_Hicks

    My Episode Rating: 2

    “Charlie X” was a strange episode for me. The characters haven’t seemed to really become what we know them as yet which through me off. I was a fan of the concept of the episode but it was executed well and they “solution” to the problem was dealt with very easily. 

    There were too many strange things going on, for instance since when did Spock and Uhura become the Enterprises’ entertainment hour? There were plenty of other ways to show that Charlie was striving to be the center of attention all the time. 

    One thing I noticed was that during the chess scene when Charlie is playing against Spock. He makes a mistake causing him to almost immediately lose and he tries to mind control Spock into convincing him he didn’t. This doesn’t seem to work on Spock, which I guess sort of makes sense, but later on Charlie uses his mind powers to break Spock’s legs? Perhaps this just means he can’t control his mind but the body is different. Either way, it’s a tad confusing. 

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

       Yeah, “too many strange things going on” basically sums it up for me as well

    • http://twitter.com/wolverettealex Alex Varela

      but charlie makes spock entertain him on the bridge by reciting the tiger, so he must have somehow managed to use his mind powers on spock right?

  • johnboy99

    You’re all nuts! This is a classic episode from TOS and Robert Walker Jr. gives a magnificent performance as Charlie.