Ranking of Opening Credits


6. Enterprise

The opening credits for Enterprise may be one of the biggest reasons the series was unpopular while it aired. Not joking. First, the positives: It’s kind of a cool idea, given the setting of the show, to depict advances in space flight up to that point. I’d prefer to see the ship zooming around (call me old fashioned) but the “montage” quality of this sequence did help differentiate the show from the other series’. Of course, the big problem with the intro to Enterprise is the music. It’s a confounding song choice. Who was this bland R&B shlock supposed to appeal to? The actual orchestral theme in the show proper is a pretty good one too, it’s a shame that couldn’t have been used.

5. The Animated Series

Sure, the music seems like a strange off-brand version of the original series score, and the animation is as good as most 70’s cartoon shows (by which we mean not very good) but it’s still charming in it’s own way.

4. Deep Space Nine

With DS9 they could no longer do the voice over intro because it wouldn’t be appropriate. The series wasn’t about exploring strange new worlds, etc. I really like this intro, but it isn’t quite up to par with VOY, TOS, and TNG. It does, however, have some pretty great qualities that the other sequences don’t. I love the low, sustained notes, and the overall contemplative, reverential tone. I sort of wish they would’ve filmed the station in a way that better matched the quality of the musical arrangement. The visuals seem a little flat compared to the music.

3. Voyager

Voyager’s intro is very good. Both music and picture work perfectly. Once again, it wouldn’t be entirely appropriate to have the classic Star Trek voice over in the beginning, because they are only secondarily explorers. While not as rousing as TNG or even TOS, it has a great sweeping quality, and a memorable melody.

2. The Original Series

While DS9 and Voyager’s opening credits are somber and fitting, I can’t help but like the intros that get me excited to watch. The music may be a bit over the top, and the vocal melody might put some people off, but I can’t help but love the ship flying at you. Of course, there’s also the fantastic narration, which is a great summation of what the show is about.

1. The Next Generation

Everything I liked about the original intro, plus the greatest musical arrangement in all of Trek. It doesn’t get much better than the enterprise coming around for one last, slow pass, then warping away with the swell of the music. When I re-watch episodes of all of the other shows I usually skip the intro, but not with TNG. It’s awesome every time.

  • Gost

    1000. ENT

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

       I can definitely understand liking the Voyager intro the most. The only one I wouldn’t really understand as a number one is the Enterprise intro.

  • http://twitter.com/wolverettealex Alex Varela

    1. TNG
    2. TOS
    3. DS9
    4. VOY
    5. ENT
    I mean, I suppose Enterprise isn’t too bad, it’s a different outlook and a different time, so different opening credits make sense. And I sort of like the lyrics, they just shouldn’t have made the music so somber and slow.

  • Peter Vandelinder

    I might be hung by other Trek fans, but I strongly disagree with the order of this post and I’ve been watching Trek since I was 10 years old.

    My ranking is as follows:

    1. Enterprise
    2. Voyager
    3. DS9
    4. TOS
    5. TNG

    I think Enterprise didn’t get the credit it deserved, especially for the creativity of the opening credits, all the imagery of real astronauts, early earth vessels, and Trek’s idea of early starships; all the way up to the Enterprise itself at the end, was just beautiful. Personally I think the song was a good choice lyrically and matched well with the whole idea of the series.

    I put TNG last only because to me, it’s a rather boring into, just a bunch of shots of the Enterprise zooming in at you. Not very much contrast, although I do enjoy Picard’s voice-over.

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

      Wo, almost the exact opposite order that I put them in. It’s like I’m the mirror universe version of you! Like I said I agree that the visuals are pretty cool with the Enterprise intro, I just didn’t care for the song. Liking the Enterprise intro isn’t a hanging offense though, so don’t worry. I don’t quite understand when you said TNG was “rather boring […] just a bunch of shots of the Enterprise zooming in at you”. That’s exactly what makes it so much fun!!! I actually mainly ranked the intros in order of how many times something is flying at you. It’s really important to me 🙂

  • http://buddymccue.wordpress.com/ Buddy McCue

    Totally agree about the Enterprise theme.

    That said, listen to this. I found this guy on YouTube who plays the most amazing “Theme and Variations” style of piano using the TOS music:

    I can’t praise this enough. Great work by this dude.

  • Debbie Getter Howell

    I absolutely love the intro to Enterprise. I’m currently watching it on Netflix, and everytime that intro comes on, I can feel my pulse rate slow and my muscles loosen. To me, there is just something very calming about that music.